ECOWILL Activities

The “Train The Trainer” seminar (TTT) under the WP4 in  Poland level 1st  and 2nd  took place in Poznan during the period  from 7 to 9 November 2011. The seminar was led by two experts from DVR – Germany, an ECOWILL project partner. During the execution of the seminar, 12 master trainers were certified under the level 1 (for learner drivers) and level 2 (for licensed drivers). The driving instructors came mainly from driving schools of the Poznan region.

According to the ECOWILL project objectives, as a next step, a series of subsequent “Train The Trainer” seminars should start in Poland in autumn in Warsaw. This activity is planed together with the Skoda Auto driving school in order to create an infrastructure of certified ECOWILL trainers nationwide.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and experienced partners (highway operator, traffic police and Auto School from Poznań) give us a chance to offer eco driving trainings as a product prepared in a professional, flexible and suitable manner for both private and professionals drivers. Short duration trainings lead by experienced and high – qualified instructors during automotive events (e.g. exhibitions) create opportunities to increase the interest of citizens. Common training – educational material designed and prepared with the highway operator (in the north-western part of the country) and in cooperation with the traffic police allow us to reach a wide number of drivers. Good contacts with the Ministry of Infrastructure allow for the introduction of eco driving rules into new legislation relating to training and examination of driving school candidates.