The Netherlands

ECOWILL Activities

On june 20 2011 the First Ecowill Train the Trainer session was held at VVCR location in Rijssen, The Netherlands. The Goal was to lay the foundation for the national dissemination process. During the execution of the seminar, 15 master trainers were certified under the level 1 (for learner drivers) and level 2 (for licensed drivers). The driving instructors were certified to become ECOWILL master trainers.

The first dissemination effort took place in Amsterdam on 7-8 November 2011. The dissemination seminar was organized in cooperation with Cito. The participants came from 11 different countries: Austria, France, UK, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic. A perfect way to get the Ecowill project on the European map.

In the near future, a full Train The Trainer will be done in the Hague in order to create more awareness around ecodriving within the city of The Hague and is also meant to keep the ECOWILL project alive after its end. Next to the TTT in the Hague, VVCR will be present at several events with the short duration trainings (and the eco driving simulator) which are organized by the City of the Hague. Hopefully by creating more “rumor” around these events and the TTT-session it will inspire more cities and organizations.

In cooperation with IVDM, VCCR gained extra funds in order to educate an additional approx. 1000 driving instructors on Ecowill standards. This project will start at the end of 2012.

Het Nieuwe Rijden