The ECOWILL project has five main objectives:

  • To deploy both the existing infrastructures of driving schools and advanced driver training for the massive rollout of short duration ecodriving snack training courses and online (e-learning) education for licensed drivers.
  • To standardise the contents of snack training courses and to certify trainers for providing snack training courses
  • To train licensed drivers of passenger cars and vans in ecodriving and to involve additional drivers through publicity and media attention
  • To engage governmental and driving school administrations to incorporate ecodriving in the driving school curriculum
  • To harmonise and optimise the contents and application of ecodriving in the driver test for learner drivers.

The project has envisaged five strategic (long term) objectives:

  • Setting of defined standards for ecodriving snack trainings, which can be easily adopted at pan-European level
  • Establishing a dense infrastructure for ecodriving training deployment which will keep the ecodriving alive after termination of the ECOWILL project
  • Rising awareness about ecodriving among drivers, all target groups
  • Incorporation and harmonisation of ecodriving in the driver test and consequently the incorporation of ecodriving in the driving school curriculums in all EU countries
  • Reductions in fuel consumption, GHG emissions, other air pollutants emissions such as NOX, PM, VOC etc. as a result of introducing ecodriving in the markets of the EU 27.