What is Ecodriving?

Ecodriving is a term used to describe energy efficient use of vehicles. It is a great and easy way to reduce fuel consumption from road transport so that less fuel is used to travel the same distance.

In the last decades, engine technology and performance of cars has improved rapidly, while most drivers have not adapted their driving style. Ecodriving represents a driving culture which suits to modern engines and makes best use of advanced vehicle technologies. Ecodriving offers numerous benefits, including GHG emissions reductions, fuel cost savings, as well as greater safety and comfort.

There are many smart and safe driving techniques which can lead to significant fuel savings possibilities. Below you will find the Golden and Silver Rules of Ecodriving, which werde defined by the ECOWILL consortium and several external experts in 2011. These rules include additional explanations which are directed at professionals.

However, please keep in mind that Ecodriving can not be learned properly when drivers just try to follow some tips listed, but in order to achieve considerable effects, drivers should also attend an Ecodriving training given by a qualified driving instructor. Such trainings may consist of a theoretical part but also include practical driving on public roads. You will find certified providers of ECOWILL trainings in the section Ecodriving trainings.

Find the Golden Rules of Ecodriving here!