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Intelligent Energy Europe

ECODRIVEN is a project supported by the European Commission, Energy Efficiency Programme SAVE.



Treatise is an EC project operating from January 2005 to June 2007 that provides free training on sustainable transport subjects, primarily for energy and transport professionals. The project covers three areas:

Cleaner Fuels & Vehicles, Mobility Management and Ecodriving.


Scandinavian EcoDriving Program

In the beginning of 1990 MOTIVA (Finland) investigated the discharges and consumption car causes. That investigation was the basis for EcoDriving-courses. The first EcoDriving-course was arranged 1997. Now thousands of drivers have taken part in EcoDriving-courses in Finland and in other countries. The average savings in the courses have been 12-15%.


Het Nieuwe Rijden

The Dutch programme “The New Driving Force” presents tips for an efficient way to drive. Descriptions include theoretical knowledge about ECO-DRIVING, fuel efficient car equipment and information about car labelling.


Shell Fuelstretch

The Shell Company has come up with a new global initiative, FuelStretch, to bring money-saving fuel tips to the company’s customers. Information is provided at the central campaign webpage, where visitors can also take a test and play the FuelStretch game to discover and improve their efficiency rating.


Driving Skills for Life

Vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of teenagers in America. For that reason in 2003 an initiative called

„Driving Skills for Life” (DSFL) was started to teach newly licensed teens the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver education programs.


Greener Driving

UNEP runs this campaign jointly with several sponsors from the automotive industry to promote sustainable mobility and explain the Greener Driving style.
CIECA is the international commission for driver testing authorities, active in the fields of road safety and driver testing.
CIECA members include driver testing authorities from 33 countries worldwide.