Austrian Energy Agency

Since its establishment in 1977 as a non-profit organisation, the Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) has been the energy research and policy institution in which Austrian federal and provincial administration (“Bund” and “Länder” respectively) and some forty important institutions and corporations from a variety of economic sectors co-operate. The Agency not only assists federal and provincial governmental administrations in defining energy, technology and research policies but it also conducts analysis of energy problems (technical, structural and behavioural) and presents recommendations for action to decision makers. In addition, the Austrian Energy Agency has been managing the Austrian national ecodriving initiative ( since 2004.

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AEA is the overall coordinator of ECOWILL. The Agency leads the activities of Work Package 1 (Management), 5 (Training Infrastructure) and 10 (IEE Dissemination Activities).



EIHP – Energetski institut Hrvoje Požar

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) was founded in 1994 as a non-profit institution. Its major goal is to provide expert and scientific support to: 1) the strategic development of the Croatian and regional energy system and its sub-systems;2) the processes of legislative reform and development, 3) the advancement of economic relations, and 4) to the development of relevant institutions. The Institute carries out its mission in cooperation with numerous scientific, governmental, public or private clients from Croatia and abroad.

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EIHP will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Croatia.



The Energy Efficiency Center (SEVEn), established in 1990 in Prague, is a non-profit consultancy company. Its activities are focused on the effective use of potential energy savings in the life of households, industry, commerce and the public sector. The company’s mission is environmental protection and support for economic development through more effective energy usage.

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SEVEn will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Czech Republic.



Motiva Oy is an expert company promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials. Its services are utilised by the public administration, businesses, communities, and consumers. As an affiliated Government agency (an in-house unit) in Finland, Motiva provides services related to marketing of energy efficiency agreements, support and monitoring of implementation, development of energy audit and analysis activity, increasing the use of renewable energy, etc.

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Motiva Oy will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Finland.


DVR – Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat

German Road Safety Council e.V. (DVR) was founded in 1969 as a non-profit organisation. With over 220 members, DVR’s main objective is to support the measures aimed at improving traffic safety of all road usersThe main emphasis is given to matters related to engineering, education, legislation and enforcement. DVR co-ordinates all activities of its members, develops programmes and continuously adapts them to new challenges and research findings. DVR enjoys the co-operation with safety organisations in Europe and worldwide.

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Within ECOWILL, DVR is leader of Work Package 4 (Train the Trainer). 



The Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) is a public, non profit entity supervised by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change operating as the official energy agency in Greece. CRES has extensive experience with R&TD projects, demonstration projects, energy information systems, feasibility studies, technical and economic studies, market research, training and promotional activities on the renewable energy sources / energy saving related issues as well as transport and energy saving projects, including renewable fuels and energy efficiency.

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In ECOWILL, CRES is the leader of Work Package 3 (Quality Control and Certification).



Geonardo Ltd. is an energy and environmental technology firm and a technical consulting service specialised in sustainable transport and biofuel resources management, information technologies and e-learning. Since 1999, Geonardo Ltd. has become a leading engineering consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides cutting edge solutions and technological excellence in promoting and disseminating sustainable resource management practices and preparing feasibility studies.

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Geonardo will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Hungary.



Consorzio TRAIN – Consortium for RTD on INnovative TRAnsport –is a private non-profit research organisation promoted by ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Environment. Since 1998 it forsters cooperation between public RTD organisations, industry and other national economic operators in the transport sector. Its main goal is to enhance the Italian RTD output and effectiveness within land transport and maritime technologies.

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TRAIN will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Italy.



COWI Lietuva, UAB (former COWI Baltic) has 18 years of experience in the field of environment, including waste management, energy, design of building engineering installations, construction supervision, transport etc. It provides consulting engineering services to private clients, international financial institutions and donor organisations. Environmental protection and engineering, industrial pollution prevention and control (IPPC), waste management, energy, road and railways transport systems are some of COWI’s fields of expertise.

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COWI Lietuva is leader of ECOWILL’s Work Package 2 (Investigation and Preparations).



The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) was established in 1994, with the aim to serve as a national sustainable energy agency. Its mission is to develop and implement sustainable energy policies in Poland and to play a leading role in providing a wide range of sustainable energy services. KAPE carries out activities aimed at improving rational use of energy (RUE), promotion of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy related environmental issues.

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KAPE will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Poland.



The RACC was founded in 1906 as a non for profit organisation aimed at promoting motoring and motor sport in Spain. It offers products and services – such as roadside assistance, insurance and travel services, traffic education and training – to its over one million members. Created in 1994, the RACC Foundation has continuously promoted sustainable mobility and conducted researches, campaigns and trainings in three major areas: road safety, mobility management and environment.

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The RACC Foundation will contribute to implement the ECOWILL activities in Spain.


VVCR Europe

VVCR Europe is a unique training centre, that over 35 years, has continuously contributed to increasing traffic safety and saving the environment. It offers training to 35.000 participants per year, from professional drivers to beginners. In the Netherlands the VVCR Europe leads the market in the realm of developing products and services with regard to traffic safety and professional training courses.

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Within ECOWILL, VVCR Europe leads Work Package 8 ( Monitoring & Evaluation)


Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is the UK’s leading organisation set up to address the damaging effects of climate change by helping people in the country cut carbon dioxide emissions from their homes and transport. The EST operates a Smarter Driving (ecodriving) training programme funded by the UK’s Department for Transport, which aims to provide short-duration ecodriving training for 26,000 company drivers in 20010/11. The organisation also has a network of regional advice centres that provide advice, including ecodriving advice, for private individuals throughout the UK.

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The EST is the leader of the Work Package 6 (Training Rollout)


EFA – European Driving Schools Assocation

The European Driving Schools Association (EFA) represents the interest of its 29 members towards European authorities, institutions and organizations, in matters related to driving instruction, driving instructors’ tuition, driver improvement, further education of novice drivers, environmentally friendly driving and road safety. It aims at reaching harmonisation of the education and examination of driving instructors, teachers, drivers and driving examiners/organisations. The association also works towards the preparation and harmonisation of curriculum and educational concepts for both the training and advanced training of all categories of drivers. EFA is a professional association neutral in political and denominational matters.

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Within the ECOWILL project, EFA leads the activities of the Work Package 7 (Harmonisation of the driving school curriculum and driver test). 

FIA European Bureau

The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) is the federation of national associations of car users. The European Bureau represents 71 European national associations with a total of 34 million individual members. The three main tasks of the FIA European Bureau are: 1) lobbying on behalf of the automobile clubs and its members at the European institutions; 2) disseminating information from Brussels to the national clubs; 3) organising the cooperation between clubs in European testing programs of mobility services and disseminating the results of these programs through the media of the national clubs.

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FIA European Bureau is leader of Work Package 9 (Communication and Specific Dissemination)